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Think Clearly. Sleep Well. Feel Relaxed.

A full-range of brain-boosting formulas developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen


There Is Hope Through Science

Forgetting names? Dates? Feeling like you wake up before your brain does?
NeuroQ can help!

“NeuroQ is the catalyst for change that will support your journey towards better health and help you stay sharp for years to come.”
– Dr. Dale Bredesen

NeuroQ has been clinically shown to:
Improve memory
Boost focus
Enhance mental clarity
Increase brain speed

Dr. Dale Bredesen has spent over three decades working with thousands of patients to understand what really happens in the brain as we age. His research resulted in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and his New York Times Best-seller The End of Alzheimer’s, pioneering Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

Dr. Bredesen teamed up with NeuroQ to provide the first whole brain formula designed to protect memory and support long-term brain health.

Summit Offer

A full-range of brain-boosting formulas developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen.

Dr. Breseden hand-selected NeuroQ ingredients to work together synergistically to protect memory and support brain health.

NeuroQ Memory Focus bottle capsules
Memory & Focus

Improves memory, focus, and mental sharpness

Rest-ZZZ Sleep Support bottle
Rest-ZZZ Sleep Support

A sharp mind starts with a good night’s sleep

Anxie-T Stress Support bottle
Anxie-T Stress Support

Supports a relaxed and calm mind

As an attendee of the Reverse Alzheimer’s Summit, we’d like to offer EXCLUSIVE first access to NeuroQ Sleep Now with a free trial offer.

Transform Your Brain, Transform Your Life

Clearer Thinking

“Since taking NeuroQ, I feel much better. I feel like I’m thinking clearer and I’m not reaching for words any longer.” – Lori R.

Improved Memory

“I have undoubtedly noticed an improvement in memory functions.” – Dan J.

Sharper Focus

“My mind seems sharper and I’m more easily able to retrieve info.” – Donna G.


NeuroQ Memory & Focus Ingredients

Gotu Kola

Has been used for thousands of years to promote brain and nervous system health*

Gingko Leaf Extract

Has been shown to support healthy blood flow to the brain*

Yamada Bee Farm® Propolis

Supports the development of nerve tissue, and is neuroprotective*

NeuroFactor® Coffee Fruit Extract

Fuels brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which boosts neuro transmission*


Supports brain function by maintaining healthy cell membranes*


Helps support healthy inflammation response, provides brain-building compounds, and supports recovery from heavy metal and mold exposure.*


Take Control of Your Brain Health Today

NeuroQ One-Time

NeuroQ Memory Focus bottle


Your one-time shipment includes:

  • One Month Supply of NeuroQ Memory & Focus
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NeuroQ Starter Pack

NeuroQ Starter Pack

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Bredesen Bundle

bredesen bundle

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Jerry C.

I have been taking NeuroQ for about 45 days. I could tell a difference in my cognition in about 3 days. Now I can tell a big difference. My doctor asked me where I got my NeuroQ…He explained to me about each item that makes up NeuroQ and what they do for the brain. Before I left his office, I asked, should keep taking NeuroQ? His reply was YES.

Catherine G.

I have been using this product since November and have definitely noticed improvement in my mental awareness and clarity. I seem to be less forgetful and more on top of daily tasks.

Elizabeth M.

I have tried 5 other supplements including Braini, Advanced Memory Formula, Qualia Mind, and Genius, and though those worked too, NeuroQ is the supplement I will stick with. I feel clear—not too much caffeine and no side effects.

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