Clinical Study Results

NeuroQ Memory & Focus works, and the results speak for themselves! In a 90-day clinical trial, our participants showed marked improvement in the following areas:

Improvement In
Executive Function

Executive function is a skill set that is part of your everyday life & plays a role in almost every job you may have. It involved skills like decisions-making, problem-solving, planning, organizing, and concentrating.


Improvement After 30 DAYS


Improvement After 90 DAYS
Improvement In
Working Memory

Your working memory is like your “daily operating memory.” It’s your brain’s ability to store and manage information to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehension.


Improvement After 30 DAYS


Improvement After 90 DAYS
Improvement In
Processing Speed

Processing speed is how quickly you are able to take in information, understand it, and begin to respond. It could be information you see, like letters and numbers, or information you hear, like spoken language.


Improvement After 30 DAYS


Improvement After 90 DAYS

High-Quality Research Standards

Our clinical study was designed in partnership with KGK Science Inc. and subject matter expert, Dr. Dale Bredesen, upholding high-quality research standards.

  • Validated cognitive assessment tools
  • Approved by Independent Ethics Review Board
  • Conducted in accordance with ICH guidelines for cGCP and regulatory guidelines
  • Conducted under Medical Director Dr. M. Apostol, MD, ABFM, ABOIM
  • Statistical analysis conducted by Dr. A. Sulley, PhD and results interpreted by Dr. M. Evans, PhD, Dr. E. Lewis, PhD, and Dr. A. McDonald, PhD

Real People, Real Results

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*Average increase in percentile domain scores in a company-sponsored 90-day clinical study. Subjects followed a protocol of supplementation and lifestyle changes. Individual results may vary.