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How It Works
The clinically researched ingredients in NeuroQ Memory & Focus have been shown to boost cognitive performance, maintain healthy brain function, and promote clear thinking and memory. But how exactly does one supplement do all of these things?
STEP 1 How it Works NeuroQ
Boost your brain’s production of BDFN by 143%
Within hours of taking NeuroQ Memory & Focus, the potent ingredient NeuroFactor Coffee Fruit Extract will boost your brain’s production of a powerful compound called BDNF. A clinical research study indicated that NeuroFactor can increase BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) levels in the brain by 143%. Think of BDNF as fertilizer for the brain–higher levels of BDNF can lead to an increased ability to store and recall information.*
STEP 2 How it Works NeuroQ
Detox free radicals and toxic compounds from your bloodstream
NeuroQ Memory & Focus contains a powerful formulation of Ginkgo biloba, turmeric, and phosphatidylserine. These are the building blocks that detox free radicals and toxic compounds from your bloodstream. This formula contains extractions of turmeric in doses clinically shown to reduce the body’s inflammation response. A recent study shows that a dose of 200mg of turmeric significantly increased the brain’s production of BDNF. It is also very beneficial for the liver, regulating the toxin load in the body.
STEP 3 How it Works NeuroQ
Stimulate brain cell regeneration
As a vital part of brain cell membrane structure, NeuroQ Memory & Focus contains a therapeutic dose of phosphatidylserine, which plays a key role in brain protection and regeneration. Traumatic brain injuries and concussions can lead to significant levels of oxidative damage, leaving brain cells more prone to injuries and cellular loss.
Upgrading your levels of phosphatidylserine plays a vital role in repairing brain cells efficiently through improving glucose metabolism, thus supercharging brain cell energy productivity. It can stimulate brain cell regeneration and foster neural connectivity by improving nerve growth factor (NGF). This encourages the immune system to eliminate damaged brain cells, creating space for healthy brain cells.
STEP 4 How it Works NeuroQ
Protect the body from toxins and promote healing
NeuroQ Memory & Focus can help repair the brain from damage caused by trauma or ongoing inflammation. Propolis’ name tells us about its benefit: “Pro-” {in defense of} “polis” {the city}. It’s created by bees to protect their hives! It has been studied for its benefit for protecting the body from mercury and aluminum toxicity. It also provides benefit to venous circulation, promoting blood flow to the brain, and has superior wound-healing capacity, making it a good choice in cases of brain trauma.
NeuroQ Memory & Focus is not a quick fix—it’s a long-term investment in your health.
NeuroQ Memory & Focus works best when taken consistently. Save with our easy monthly auto-ship subscription and get each month’s supply delivered right to your door!
NeuroQ Memory & Focus Ingredients
Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo leaf extract has been shown to support healthy blood flow to the brain. It helps support a healthy inflammation response, supports the production of important brain-building factors, supports recovery from heavy metal/mold exposure, supports healthy blood flow, and supports the brain’s repair from physical trauma.*


Phosphatidylserine supports brain function by maintaining healthy cell membranes. It helps support a healthy blood sugar response, provides important building factors, and supports the brain’s recovery from trauma.*

NeuroFactor® coffee fruit extract

Coffee fruit extract fuels brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which boosts nerve transmission. It helps support a healthy blood sugar response and increases the brain's production of key building factors; contains less than 2 mg of caffeine per serving (less caffeine than a chocolate bar).

Yamada Bee Farm® propolis

Yamada Bee Farm® propolis supports the development of healthy nerve tissue and is neuroprotective. It helps support healthy inflammation response, healthy blood sugar levels, the production of brain-building factors, recovery from exposure to heavy metal and mold, normal blood flow, and brain repair from trauma.*

Turmeric (curcumin)

Turmeric (curcumin) supports a healthy inflammatory response, provides brain-building compounds, and helps support detoxification from heavy metal and mold exposure.*

Gotu kola

Gotu kola has been used for thousands of years to promote brain and nervous system health. It helps support a healthy inflammatory response, supports healthy blood flow, and supports brain repair from trauma.*

Nature Works. Science Proves It.

The ingredients we use for NeuroQ Memory & Focus are derived from nature and have been meticulously studied and tested to ensure their safety and efficiency for improving cognitive functioning. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to helping individuals live life to the fullest. We aim to formulate products that combine nature and science to help each person build a foundation for good health.

We select the highest-quality ingredients that have been clinically studied for efficacy and success in producing the desired results. Our ingredients are put through a rigorous testing process to ensure that they are the best formulas to offer the best results.

It’s time to be proactive and care for our brains the way we care for the rest of our bodies!

Ingredients With You In Mind

NeuroQ Memory & Focus is not just another self-appointed “miracle pill.” Rather, it is a powerful formula containing natural ingredients with proven benefits. When combined with Dr. Bredesen’s recommended lifestyle changes, NeuroQ Memory & Focus delivers real results in your brain’s performance. NeuroQ Memory & Focus can help improve memory, processing speed, executive function and attention, and can help protect overall brain health for the future.

Manufacturing Facilities

All of our NeuroQ products are manufactured in an FDA food-grade, GMP facility (Good Manufacturing Practice facility).


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NeuroQ Memory & Focus works best as a preventative measure against subjective cognitive decline.

For those already experiencing decline or those that have a relevant medical diagnosis, our ReCODE protocol (Reversal of Cognitive Decline) may be more appropriate.

Not sure which product is right for you? Let us help!
How to Take NeuroQ Memory & Focus
When taking NeuroQ Memory & Focus, here are 6 important things that have helped our other customers achieve their best results.

Get a Baseline

Start by getting your baseline assessment with the NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation.

Take Daily

Take two capsules a day, in the morning, with or without food.

Consistency Matters

Take consistently for best results.

Best Results

Best results are typically seen after 30–90 days.

Time to Reevaluate

Revisit the NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation to see how your score has changed!
NeuroQ Brain Health Tools

Brain Health Tools

In addition to taking NeuroQ Memory & Focus daily, you can choose to take your health a step further! As a part of your purchase, you will receive:
  • The PreCODE Quickstart Guide
  • Free 30-day access to the PreCODE app
  • Access to BrainHQ brain games
  • Free lifetime access to the NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation to monitor your progress

Some people experience the effects of NeuroQ Memory & Focus in as little as a few days to two to three weeks. Best results are typically seen with consistent use after 30–90 days.

NeuroQ Memory & Focus typically induces a feeling of greater focus, alertness, energy, and improved mood. People have reported feeling more confident about their brain health.*

NeuroQ Memory & Focus Success Stories

Hear What NeuroQ Customers Are Saying About Us

“This is nothing short of miraculous.”
Dylan, 56
“NeuroQ is a blessing.”
Sherri, 57
“I am living proof that NeuroQ works.”
Teresa, 46

“My brain fog is almost gone after taking NeuroQ for 30 days. When I needed to adjust the next delivery date, they were very responsive.”

Karen M.

“I’ve been taking NeuroQ for 3 weeks and have seen massive improvement in memory and cognitive ability. NeuroQ helps me focus keeps me on my game.”

Robert S.

“I am in my second month of taking NeuroQ and notice sharper thinking. I have tried other supplements designed to improve memory without any noticeable improvements. NeuroQ is different! It is working for me!”

Ruth P.

“I have had my NeuroQ supply for about a month now and can definitely see a difference. I have a clearer mind and notice a difference if I miss a dose. Great product—especially those who struggle with brain fog.”

Janet H.

“I’m on hormone therapy for my past breast cancer last year. My mind wasn’t functioning properly and I experienced a lot of brain fog. Within 30 days of using NeuroQ, I am now able to keep up with my work, my memory has improved, and I can do everything! Amazing product.”

Tiffany L.

“I just love NeuroQ. My mind is more clear now—no more fogginess. I also noticed that I can remember things I used to easily forget, like names.”

Rebecca M.

Getting to Know Dr. Bredesen

Dr. Dale Bredesen has dedicated his career to studying Alzheimer’s with the goal of reversing it and, ultimately, preventing it altogether.
He earned his MD from Duke University Medical Center, was Chief Resident in Neurology at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Bredesen taught at UCSF, UCLA, and the University of Califonia in San Diego. In 1998, he joined the Buck Institue for Research Aging as the founding president and CEO.
We are proud to partner with Dr. Bredesen to help provide a cognitive health solution for millions of people.