Memory Issues? Trouble Focusing? Brain Fog?

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Total Brain Supplement

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Total Brain Supplement

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Clinically Shown to Boost Memory and Focus

NeuroQ Decision Making Improvement

Participants who took NeuroQ in a clinical trial saw a 41% improvement in executive function. Executive function is a set of skills that make up part of your everyday life, like decision making, problem-solving, planning, organizing, and concentrating.

NeuroQ Working Memory Comprehension

Participants in a clinical trial who took NeuroQ saw a 30% improvement in working memory. Working memory is your brain’s ability to store and manage information to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehension.

NeuroQ Processing Speed Improvement

Participants in a clinical trial who took NeuroQ saw a 20% improvement in processing speed. Processing speed is how quickly you’re able to take in information, make sense of it, and begin to respond.

Ingredients Backed by Science

Gingko Leaf Extract

has been shown to support healthy blood flow to the brain*


helps support healthy inflammation response and supports recovery from heavy metal and mold exposure*


supports brain function by maintaining healthy cell membranes*

Yamada Bee Farm® Propolis

supports the development of nerve tissue and is neuroprotective*

NeuroFactor™ Coffee Fruit Extract

fuels brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which boosts nerve transmission*; contains 2 mg of caffeine per serving

Gotu Kola

has been used for thousands of years to promote brain and nervous system health*

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    Maximize the effectiveness of NeuroQ with a good night’s sleep! High-quality sleep is another key component of the “Bredesen 7” for optimal brain health.



    Along with NeuroQ, part of the “Bredesen 7” is stress reduction. Reduce stress to help your brain function at its best!

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Jerry C.

I have been taking NeuroQ for about 45 days. I could tell a difference in my cognition in about 3 days. Now I can tell a big difference. My doctor asked me where I got my NeuroQ…He explained to me about each item that makes up NeuroQ and what they do for the brain. Before I left his office, I asked, should keep taking NeuroQ? His reply was YES.

Catherine G.

I have been using this product since November and have definitely noticed improvement in my mental awareness and clarity. I seem to be less forgetful and more on top of daily tasks.

Jerry B.

I really am amazed at the improvement. It's not dramatic but it is definite. I can remember names and other facts that had started to vanish or be very hard to recall. My wife is looking at me strangely as if a new person has arrived on the scene. Thanks, NeuroQ.