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Advanced Alertness

Instant mental boost for crucial tasks.*

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Power through when the pressure is on.

Quick Thinking Capsules Yellow Morning Breakfast

Quick Thinking’s fast-acting ingredients boost mental focus within minutes. So you can crush that exam, nail that big interview, and meet tight deadlines, without feeling worried, drained, or overwhelmed.

Quick Thinking contains clinical doses of L-theanine and caffeine as well as L-tyrosine and beta-alanine, powerful nootropics to perform and focus under stress—An instant brain boost ideal for working professionals, college students, and adults for a fast-acting brain boost to perform and focus under stress.

Sharpen your mind in 3 ways.

Awaken your
inner genius

Get in the zone. Clinically-researched, natural ingredients get you into that flow state—so you can instantly access your creative potential and hyper focus in high-pressure situations.*

Increase alertness
and energy levels

Keep a steady focus. Contains 50 mg of caffeine, half the levels found in a cup of coffee, so you feel alert without the jitters, energy crashes, stomach aches, or sleep interruptions.*

Plug in your

Think on your toes. Stimulates the production of neurotransmitters that help brain cells communicate faster, so you perform at your best even when under stress.*

3 easy steps for using Quick Thinking.

1. Get your brain score.
The NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation is a free 15-minute online assessment tool to evaluate your current brain health. It provides your brain score so you can track improvements over time!
Know your score

2. Start taking Quick Thinking supplements.
Take one to two capsules for a quick mental boost. Take with Smart Thinking for even better focus, memory, and brain performance.*
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3. Track your progress.
Checking in on the status of your memory, mental clarity, and focus can show you your progress along your brain health journey. It’s also a way to help you stay motivated.
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Unlock your brain’s full potential.

Performance Product Grouping

In over your head with never-ending to-do lists, tight deadlines, and swamped schedules? No problem. Crush performance and charge through with NeuroQ Performance. Fast-acting ingredients work synergistically to achieve peak brain performance.

Each formula contains nature’s most potent nootropic ingredients, clinically researched and co-formulated by neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen. It’s the ultimate brain-boosting stack for working professionals, college students, and adults looking to step up their performance.*

Want an even greater brain boost?
Add these NeuroQ products.

Clinical dose of calm so you can think clearly. Calm Thinking stress relief capsules contain natural ingredients to support a calm mind and happy mood, giving you the focus and energy you need to tackle each day.*

For better everyday speed, accuracy, and focus. When it’s time to rally, jumpstart your energy levels with Smart Thinking, a powerful nootropic for everyday focus, memory, and mental performance.*

For instant focus and stress support. When overthinking and stress kick in, Calm Thinking gummies give you the focus and energy you need to think clearly and stay calm under pressure.*

Supplement facts.

Serving Size: 1 capsules daily
Servings per container: 60
Amount per serving
% Daily Values**
100 mg
100 mg
50 mg
50 mg

All Natural Ingredients.


Promotes deep relaxation to restore the brain*


Keeps your brain performing at its best during stress*


Heightens brain performance under pressure*


Instant nootropic for focus and mental energy*


100 mg

Green and black tea contain this amino acid. L-Theanine has been shown to stimulate alpha waves during deep relaxation.*


100 mg

The brain needs L-tyrosine to produce important neurotransmitters, like epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine, which help nerve cells communicate and balance mood.*


50 mg

Beta-alanine stimulates the production of the neuroprotective, carnosine, as well as brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is essential for learning and memory.*


50 mg

Healthy doses of caffeine provide cognitive‐enhancing properties so you feel alert without the jitters, energy crashes, or interrupting sleep.*

Clean ingredients from nature.

No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors. Free from top allergens.

No Eggs

No Soy

No Yeast

No Milk

No Magnesium

Gluten Free

No Peanuts
or Tree Nuts

No Fish or

in the USA

Real success stories.

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