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Meet Dr. Dale Bredesen, Leading Neurologist and Formulating Partner of NeuroQ.

Meet Dr. Bredesen

The End of Alzheimers Program book
World-renowned neurologist who spent three decades researching what really happens in the brain as we age
Author of New York Times Best-seller The End of Alzheimer's, pioneering Alzheimer’s disease treatment
Chief Medical Officer at MPI Cognition
Graduate of Duke University School of Medicine
Professor and Founding President of Buck Institute for Research on Aging
UCLA Professor of neurology
Program on Aging Director at Director at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute
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Meet Dr. Bredesen

Academic and research experience.

Dr. Bredesen in the media.

Dr. Bredesen’s Research on cognitive decline.

Dr. Dale Bredesen is the leading expert on how to protect and optimize brain health with age.

He has worked with thousands of patients and uncovered the key nutrients to support long-term brain health. He pinpointed the critical ingredients and dosages to protect memory.

We’ve all come to expect certain changes when it comes to aging, so-called senior moments, forgetting names and faces, searching for the right words. We’ve seen these as normal parts of aging, but what if that wasn’t the case?

Finally, there is something we can do NOW about our brain health.

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“I formulated Memory & Focus in partnership with NeuroQ to include critical ingredients and dosages to protect memory.

It is a part of my results-based ReCODE Protocol which addresses the crucial lifestyle factors that affect brain health with breakthrough approaches to achieving unprecedented sustained results in preventing cognitive decline.

No one should have to settle for reduced memory and brain performance with age. Each of us can take steps to maintain our long-term brain health. Genetics is not destiny.
There is hope.”

— Dr. Dale Bredesen

Protect your brain today—and every day.*

Facebook Live with Dr. Bredesen

Dr. Bredesen discusses brain health and nutrition, one of seven key lifestyle habits that protect cognition and memory.

Play Video about Dr. Brdesen Live

NeuroQ is a full range of brain-boosting* formulas

NeuroQ Boottle Hold

formulated by leading neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen.

NeuroQ Boottle Hold
NeuroQ Memory DHA-400 Bottle


Memories matter.

NeuroQ is the only comprehensive, multi-point brain health solution, targeting short-term and long-term performance. Our formulas contain clinically-researched ingredients to protect memory, balance mood, and support clear thinking.*

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