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Focus your mind.
Feel your best.

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Focus your mind. Feel your best.

NeuroQ has been clinically shown to:

NeuroQ clinically shown improve memory
Improve Memory*
NeuroQ clinically shown mental clarity
Enhance Mental Clarity*
NeuroQ clinically shown brain speed
Increase Brain Speed*

NeuroQ is a full range of brain-boosting formulas that work together.

Memory & Focus Regular Strength

Improves memory, focus, and mental sharpness.*

Sleep Now Oral Strips

A sharp mind starts with a good night’s sleep.

Extra Strength Memory & Focus

With Huperzine A for even greater memory support.

Memory DHA-400

Pure fish oil DHA for a healthy and happy brain.

More great products coming soon.

NeuroQ Multi Vitamin

Daily Essentials Multivitamin

More than just a multi-vitamin. It’s brain food.
NeuroQ Calm Relax

Calm & Relax Anti-Stress Gummies

Feel calm so you can think more clearly.

Experiencing “brain fog” or lack of focus?
Forgetting names, dates, or where your keys are?
Feel like you wake up before your brain does?

NeuroQ is the only comprehensive, multi-point brain health solution, targeting short-term and long-term performance. Our formulas contain clinically-researched ingredients to protect memory, balance mood, and support clear thinking.

NeuroQ couple happy
NeuroQ couple happy

Real People. Real Results.

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“My brain fog is better. I’m thinking clearly. I’m more confident. This has been the best thing ever!”
– Dylan, 56

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“My mental clarity—it is getting better… I am living proof that NeuroQ works!”
– Teresa, 46

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“Life can be better when you have NeuroQ in it!”
– Karen, 62 and Chris, 77

Formulated by Dr. Dale Bredesen.

Leading neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen has worked with thousands of patients and uncovered the key nutrients to support long-term brain health.

Dr. Bredesen spent over three decades researching what really happens in the brain as we age. He pinpointed the critical ingredients and dosages to protect memory.

Dr. Bredesen’s research resulted in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and his New York Times Best-seller The End of Alzheimer’s, pioneering Alzheimer’s disease treatment.

Find out where you stand
with our 60-second brain quiz.

Forgetting names, dates, or where your keys are?
Feel like you wake up before your brain does?

Studies show that many adults who experience brain fog and memory loss eventually develop more severe cognition issues.

We’ve made it easy to find out how much your brain could use some help. In less than 60 seconds, you will learn a general overview of how your current lifestyle may be affecting your overall brain health.

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