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    Brain Boosters

    No one should have to settle for reduced memory and brain performance with age. Formulated in partnership with leading neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen, NeuroQ is the only comprehensive, multi-point brain health solution, targeting short-term and long-term performance. Our formulas contain clinically-researched ingredients to protect and optimize brain health with age.*

    Memory & Focus

    daily boost

    Improves memory, focus, and mental sharpness.*

    Extra Strength Memory & Focus

    advanced boost

    With huperzine A for even greater memory support.*

    Sleep Now

    oral strips

    A sharp mind starts with a good night’s sleep.*

    Daily Essentials


    More than just a multivitamin. It’s brain food.*

    Calm Focus Capsules

    Everyday stress relief for a calm, relaxed mind.*

    Calm Focus Gummies

    A delicious dose of calm when you need extra support.*

    Memory DHA-400

    omega-3 fish oil

    Pure fish oil DHA for a healthy and happy brain.*

    High Performance
    Brain Power

    How Do You Deal with Stress?