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    Calm Focus

    Stress Relief Gummies

    A delicious dose of calm for stressful moments.

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    Dr. Bredesen explains how it works.

    Don’t let stress get in the way of clear thinking. NeuroQ Calm Focus stress relief gummies help you feel calm so you can stay focused and perform at your best.*

    Calm Focus contains a blend of fast-acting, natural ingredients recommended by neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen. Sensoril® ashwagandha, GABA, L-theanine, lemon balm, and chamomile work together to reduce stress, ease overthinking, and support concentration.* In a clinical study, the Sensoril® ashwagandha in Calm Focus has been shown to enhance memory and mood, lower levels of the stress, stabilize heart rate, and increase energy levels.

    Balance your brain in three ways.

    Promotes alert relaxation and stress relief.

    Feel relaxed. Promotes calming alpha waves, the same electrical signals produced during stress-relieving activities like meditation. *

    Produces a calming effect on your mind and mood.

    Stay calm. Calms the messages sent between brain cells, which eases overthinking and helps you feel more relaxed.*

    Enhances concentration and mental performance

    Keep your focus. Promotes a feeling of alert relaxation, so you feel level-headed and focused even while under stress.*

    3 easy steps for using Calm Focus gummies.

    1. Get your brain score.
    The NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation is a free 15-minute online assessment tool to evaluate your current brain health. It provides your brain score so you can track improvements over time!
    Know your score
    2. Start taking Calm Focus gummies.
    Take three gummies daily, with or without food.
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    3. Track your progress.
    Checking in on the status of your memory, mental clarity, and focus can show you your progress along your brain health journey. It’s also a way to help you stay motivated.
    Check your score

    A healthier brain, a brighter you.

    NeuroQ how to take

    NeuroQ is the only full line of comprehensive, multi-point formulas targeting short-term and long-term brain performance.

    Our supplements, in combination with a healthy lifestyle, work together to improve memory, boost focus, enhance mental clarity, and balance mood.

    We stand by the quality and efficacy of our products. If you’re not seeing results, we offer a full 90-day money-back guarantee.

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    Supplement Facts.

    Serving Size: 3 Gummies | Servings per container: 30Amount per servingCaloriesTotal CarbohydrateTotal SugarsIncludes 6 g Added SugarsL-TheanineLemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) Leaf Extract (10:1)SodiumAshwagandha (Withania somnifera) Root Extract (30:1)Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Flower Extract (10:1)Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)Daily Values not established.Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.**Other Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pectin, MCT (from Fractionated Coconut Oil), Phosphoric Acid, Natural Raspberry Flavor, Vegetable Oil (Contains Carnauba Wax), Carrot Juice Concentrate (for Color), and Blueberry Juice Concentrate (for Color).% Daily Value30150 mg6 g37.5 mg8 g150 mg10 mg15 mg15 mg3%†**12%†<1%**********

    All Natural Ingredients.


    Promotes a sense of calm and well-being*


    Promotes deep relaxation to restore the brain*

    Lemon Balm Extract

    Boosts mood and soothes stress*

    Chamomile Flower Extract

    Enhances natural relaxation*

    Sensoril ® Ashwagandha

    Promotes alert relaxation and stress relief*


    150 mg

    The Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) neurotransmitter calms messages sent between brain cells.*


    150 mg

    Green and black tea contain this amino acid. L-Theanine has been shown to stimulate alpha waves during deep relaxation.*

    Lemon Balm Extract

    15 mg

    Lemon balm is an herb in the mint family that has been used for its calming effects for centuries. *

    Chamomile Flower Extract

    15 mg

    Chamomile flower extract has been used for thousands of years as a healing herb to aid relaxation. *

    Sensoril ® Ashwagandha

    37.5 mg

    Contains clinical doses of SensorilⓇ ashwagandha, the most potent form available on the market—it is eight times the strength of standard ashwagandha. It is shown to improve cognition, enhance memory, increase energy levels, and reduce the effects of stress on the brain.*

    Clean ingredients from nature.

    No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors.
    no corn outlined
    No Corn
    No Yeast
    No Milk
    No Magnesium
    Gluten Free
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