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    Brain Games for Adults

    You already know that physical exercise helps keep your body in shape. The brain also needs mental exercise to stay in good health. Brain games for adults help! It doesn’t require much time to give your brain a workout. Get inspired with these brain games for adults.

    The Best Brain Games for Adults

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” Just like any muscle in the body, if you don’t keep your brain active, it loses its ability to function at its best.

    Fortunately, new research shows that keeping the brain active not only maintains healthy thinking—it can improve it! As you repeat a skill, physical changes happen in the brain, enabling you to get better and better through practice.

    When you go to the gym, you work specific parts of the body to target that muscle group. Mental exercises work in a similar way. Performing certain tasks targets specific skills of the brain, like memory, spatial processing, or attention. Fun brain games for adults can range from apps on your phone to physical puzzles and board games.

    The brain thrives on regular challenges. So if you want to keep your mind sharp, train your brain with these ideas to work your “mental muscles.”

    1. Find the Face: The Recognition Game for Memory

    Do you have a hard time remembering the faces of people you met? The Recognition game improves facial recognition and visual processing speed. This can help, especially if your line of work involves working with many patients or clients.

    During the game, you’ll watch a face appear on the screen. Then, a new screen appears with multiple faces. You’ll need to find the familiar one. The game gets harder by displaying different angles of the face or increasing the number of faces to choose from.

    2. Think Fast: Divided Attention for Brain Speed

    Having trouble paying attention? The Divided Attention brain game challenges your brain to focus by matching colors and shapes. During each round, two shapes appear on-screen. Click on the shapes when they meet certain criteria, for example, when both shapes match in color. Your brain has to quickly respond as the images flash by faster and faster, improving your focus and processing speed.

    3. Jog Your Memory: Scene Crasher for Memory

    The Scene Crasher game helps improve your working memory, specifically your ability to visually recall details of an image. A scene appears with a certain number of items, like keys or sheep. The scene disappears, then reappears with an additional item added to the group. Can you click on the new item? Sounds easy enough. The game gets more challenging when scenes flash for shorter periods or with changing backgrounds that make it more difficult to see the items.

    4. Test Your Logic: Parking Lot Game for Reasoning

    Looking for free brain games for adults that will challenge your logical thinking skills? In the Parking Lot game, a group of taxis appear on the screen. Can you give each cab a parking lot by only drawing two squares? If you figured it out, you might consider a career in law, as the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) contains a section devoted to these types of logic games.

    5. Try Your Hand: Hand Game for Spatial Perception

    Can you tell the difference between the photo of a left hand or a right hand? We’ll give you a clue: look at the thumb. The Right or Left Hand Game works the hippocampus—the region of the brain that manages memory and spatial perception. Things get more challenging in this brain game as the images flip upside down or flash even faster across the screen.

    Do Brain Games Work?

    So, do brain games actually work? Researchers at the Brain Game Center at the University of California, Riverside, aim to find out. Psychologists, neuroscientists, and computer scientists have teamed up to test brain fitness games on 30,000 participants. They hope to gain a better understanding of memory and whether brain training can rehabilitate people with dementia, vision loss, and other issues that affect the brain.

    Aaron Seitz, Ph.D., professor of psychology and director of the Brain Game Center recommends brain training to keep your mind sharp and alert. Games like Soduko or crossword puzzles stimulate your brain with challenging activities. BrainHQ hosts all sorts of brain games to exercise memory, attention, thinking speed, and social skills. Their research also supports the many benefits of brain games:

    ✓ Studies found cognitive training improved function of the hippocampus—a key brain center for learning and memory.

    ✓ Brain games improved working memory in a study of older adults.

    ✓ Research found that logic games increased brain processing speed and the ability to understand language.

    ✓ Studies show that brain games make you happier by reducing the likelihood of depression symptoms by 30%!

    Just a little brain training can make a big impact on your life. Brain games for adults can help you think faster, remember more, and focus better. The brain also controls emotions, so keeping it in good health will also help you feel happier!

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