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sleep now strips

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Dr. Bredesen explains how it works.

Boosts your brain in four ways.

Reduces toxins and free radicals.*

Clear your head. Ginkgo biloba, turmeric, and phosphatidylserine remove toxins to slow aging.*

Increases blood flow to the brain.

Fuel the brain. Ginkgo biloba promotes blood flow, fueling the brain with nutrients for better memory.*

Maintains healthy
brain function.

Stay sharp. NeuroQ stimulates the production of BDNF, which produces new brain cells.*

Stimulates cell

Boost brain power. Yamada Bee Farm® propolis repairs nerve cells to strengthen memory and fast-thinking.*

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Memory & Focus Extra Strength

With added Huperzine A for even greater memory support.

Sleep Now

A sharp mind starts with a restful night’s sleep.

Calm Mind Gummies

Feel calm so you can think more clearly.

Dr. Bredesen shares how to get the best results.

3 easy steps for using NeuroQ Memory & Focus.

  1. Get your brain score. Learn how your current lifestyle affects your overall brain health in this 60-second quiz. Take the quiz
  2. Start taking NeuroQ Memory & Focus. Take two capsules a day, in the morning, with or without food. Best results are typically seen when taken for 30– 90 days of continuous use. Buy now
  3. Stay sharp. Subscribe and save $20. Get each month’s supply delivered right to your door!

Want an even greater brain boost?
Add these NeuroQ products.

Get better sleep. A sharp mind starts with a good night’s sleep. NeuroQ Sleep Now is an innovative oral mint strip that supports restful sleep without the grogginess.*
Get all the daily nutritional essentials. Boost daily performance with hard-to-get nutrients. NeuroQ Daily Essentials Multivitamin is more than just a multi-vitamin. It’s brain food.
Reduce stress. Feel calm so you can think more clearly. Calm Mind Stress Gummies reduce stress and promote focus* with ashwagandha, GABA, and saffron.
Boost your mood and DHA levels. A healthy and happy brain needs a daily dose of DHA. Mind & Mood Softgels calm the mind with DHA Omega-3—good for brain health and emotional well-being.

Supplement Facts.

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All Natural Ingredients.

Clean ingredients from nature.

No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors.
No Corn
No Yeast
No Milk
No Magnesium
Gluten Free
in the USA

Real Success Stories.

“Nothing short of miraculous…”
– Dylan, 56

“NeuroQ is a blessing…”
– Angela, 55

“Living proof that NeuroQ works…”
– Teresa, 46

"My brain fog is almost gone after taking NeuroQ for 30 days. When I needed to adjust the next delivery date, they were very responsive." — Karen M.

"I've been taking NeuroQ for 3 weeks and have seen massive improvement in memory and cognitive ability. NeuroQ helps me focus keeps me on my game." — Robert S.

"I just love NeuroQ. My mind is more clear now—no more fogginess. I also noticed that I can remember things I used to easily forget, like names." — Rebecca M.

"I have had my NeuroQ supply for about a month now and can definitely see a difference. I have a clearer mind and notice a difference if I miss a dose. Great product — especially those who struggle with brain fog."— Janet H.

"I am in my second month of taking NeuroQ and notice sharper thinking. I have tried other supplements designed to improve memory without noticeable improvements. NeuroQ is different! It is working for me!"— Ruth P.