Clinically Shown to Improve Working Memory by 30%

Executive Function is a set of skills that make up part of your everyday life like decision making, problem solving, planning, organizing, and concentrating.

Working Memory is your brain’s ability to store and manage information to carry out complex cognitive tasks such as learning, reasoning, and comprehension.

Processing Speed is how quickly you’re able to take in information, make sense of it, and begin to respond.

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*Average increase in percentile domain scores in a company-sponsored 90-day clinical study


NeuroQ Changes Lives

Inspired by Nature. Proven by Science.


Potent and Pure Ingredients

Clinical Doses that Work

Gotu Kola
The natural brain cell revitalizer can help within hours to make you feel sharp, calm, and alert.
Ginkgo Leaf Extract
The circulation-boosting powerhouse shown to improve vital blood flow to your brain
Yamada Bee Farm ® Propolis
The super-nutrient that works like a shield to protect the brain from the inside out.
NeuroFactor (™) Coffee Fruit Extract
Fuels BDFN (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) by 143% within two hours. Works like “miracle-fertilizer” for the brain.
The inflammation-fighting spice that promotes an increase in attention and concentration
Already in brain cells, this powerful substance boosts brain connectivity and safeguards against cognitive decline

Save up to 64% on The Future of Brain Health

+ Free Shipping and Free Gifts

*with new subscription

Save up to 64% on The Future of Brain Health

+ Free Shipping and Free Gifts

*with new subscription

Transformative Results

Christine HCustomer

Instantly felt mentally clearer. I follow Dr. Bredesen’s research and believe in acting proactively. I will continue to take this!


I am on week 3 and I literally feel like my head is clear. I am able to stay on task and stay focused until projects are done. Also, I have been able to cut back on caffeine because I noticed after day one that I had way more energy. This is a game changer!

Geneva ECustomer

I noticed an improvement in my recall, before I completed my 30 day supply! I am impressed and will continue to use the product. Thanks NeuroQ!

Formulated by:
World Renowned Neurologist

Dr. Dale Bredesen

Dr. Dale Bredesen, author of New York Times best seller, the End of Alzheimers, has dedicated his career to studying Alzheimer’s with the goal of reversing it and, ultimately, preventing it altogether. He earned his MD from Duke University Medical Center, was Chief Resident in Neurology at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Bredesen taught at UCSF, UCLA, and the University of California, San Diego. In 1998, he joined the Buck Institute for Research Aging as the founding president and CEO.

LifeSeasons is proud to have partnered with Dr. Bredesen to help combat subjective cognitive decline and improve brain function for millions of Americans.

You Deserve Transparency

At LifeSeasons, we believe your brain health is simply PRICELESS. This is why our Founder and CEO Darrin Peterson and Dr Dale Bredesen are offering a Free NeuroQ brain evaluation to all Americans. And, if you choose to order the NeuroQ Brain supplement, there is absolutely no risk with our 90-day, no-hassle, return policy.