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There are a lot of critical numbers that tell us all about our health in general. We have our blood pressure, cholesterol levels… even our weight. These types of numbers help us understand where we are, but also some underlying issues we may need to address. But, shockingly, we haven’t had a similar set of numbers that measure our BRAINS’ health – the most important organ in our body. You can’t address a problem if you’re unaware of it. So, in order to help prevent cognitive decline and improve brain function for the long haul, we need to screen our brains and then take the right preventative steps to keep it healthy.

The NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation

The NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation (Powered by CNS Vital Signs) is the first-ever cognitive assessment test for the brain made accessible to the general public.
CNS Vital Signs is a world leader in the design and development of neurocognitive and behavioral assessment tools and technologies. CNS Vital Signs has been used for testing neurocognitive function by over 10,000 clinicians and researchers in 52 countries. It is also used by the military, VA, academic medical centers/hospitals, and many major pharmaceutical companies.
Tests like these were previously only administered in clinical settings around the world, but NeuroQ can give you your results right in the privacy of your own home in about 15 minutes.
By taking powerful clinical tools used for brain assessment and making them simple and available for you to use on your computer at home, it provides you with a thorough baseline assessment of your brain cognition so you know where you are for your age – it tests your memory, your visual and verbal recognition, your processing speed, and executive function.
You can’t address a problem if you’re unaware of it. So, in order to help prevent cognitive decline and improve brain function for the long haul, we need to screen our brains and then take the right preventative steps to keep it healthy.

Start The Assessment

Take your first step and begin the NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation. In 15 minutes, you will receive your NeuroQ score and understand your present cognitive functioning state.
The test is sensitive to the response time for each question, the overall time it takes to complete, and the accuracy of the answers. Doing this gives us a more accurate look at your cognitive functions so that you can have a better overall picture of your brain health. Once the test is complete, you will be able to download your results.
Finally, there’s something you can do RIGHT NOW that’s supported by scientific research. Your brain deserves it! It’s time to know your score and what you can do to help improve it.
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Everyone 40+ Should be Tested

“Everyone over 40 should get a measure of their overall cognitive health. Especially if you’re experiencing symptoms of cognitive decline.”

-Dr. Dale Bredesen

What Does The NeuroQ Cognitive Evaluation Measure?

The NeuroQ assessment is a 4-part test- taking approximately 15 minutes to complete. It will measure composite memory, verbal memory, visual memory, executive function, and processing speed.
Verbal Memory (VBM) | Approx. 3 min

VBM measures recognition memory for WORDS. Fifteen words are presented, one by one, on the screen every two seconds. The participant will then be asked to identify those words nested among fifteen new words.


Visual Memory (VIM) | Approx. 3 min

Fifteen geometric shapes are presented, one by one, on the screen. Like the VMB test, the participant will be asked to identify those same shapes out of a series of 15 other shapes presented.

Symbol Digit Coding (SDC) | Approx. 4 min

SDC test consists of two serial presentation of screens, each of which contains a row of eight symbols above eight empty boxes below. The participant will be asked to type in the number that corresponds to the symbol that is highlighted.

Shifting Attention (SAT) | Approx. 4-5 min

SAT test is a measure of ability to shift form one instruction to another quickly and accurately. Participants are directed to match geometric shapes either by shape or color.

FREE for a Limited Time – $24.99 Value

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Co-developed by world-renowned neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen,
NeuroQ helps to:
  • Boost cognitive performance
  • Support memory, recall, and focus
  • Support overall brain health
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