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  • Your memory matters. Protect it with NeuroQ.

    Your memory matters. Protect it with NeuroQ.

    NeuroQ is the doctor formulated brain care supplement that helps:





    Brain Boosters

    Formulated in partnership with leading neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen, NeuroQ is the only comprehensive multi-point solution targeting long-lasting brain health. Our formulas contain clinically-researched ingredients to improve memory and clear thinking with age.*

    Neuroq performance

    High Performance
    Brain Power

    Don’t let brain fog, stress, mental blocks, and low energy stop you from getting things done. When it’s time to rally and focus, jumpstart your brain with NeuroQ Performance—powerful nootropic formulas for working professionals, college students, and adults looking to step up their game.*

    Real People. Real Results.

    “I can remember things more quickly, I’ve got more energy. The progress I’m making is because of NeuroQ.”
    – Ariste, 58

    “My mental clarity—it is getting better… I am living proof that NeuroQ works!”
    – Teresa, 46

    “My brain fog is better. I’m thinking clearly. I’m more confident. This has been the best thing ever!”
    – Dylan, 56

    Formulated by
    Dr. Dale Bredesen.

    Leading neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen has worked with thousands of patients and uncovered the key nutrients to support long-term brain health.
    Dr. Bredesen spent over three decades researching what really happens in the brain as we age. He pinpointed the critical ingredients and dosages to protect memory.
    Dr. Bredesen’s research resulted in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and his New York Times Best-seller, The End of Alzheimer’s, pioneering Alzheimer’s disease treatment.
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