Teresa, California USA

“This is changing every

single part of my life.”

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NeuroQ Success Stories

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“This is nothing short of miraculous.”

Dylan, 56

“NeuroQ is a blessing.”

Sherri, 57

“I am living proof that NeuroQ works.”

Teresa, 46

My brain fog is almost gone after taking NeuroQ for 30 days. When I needed to adjust the next delivery date, they were very responsive.

Karen M.


I’ve been taking NeuroQ for 3 weeks and have seen massive improvement in memory and cognitive ability. NeuroQ helps me focus keeps me on my game.

Robert S.

I am in my second month of taking NeuroQ and notice sharper thinking. I have tried other supplements designed to improve memory without any noticeable improvements. NeuroQ is different! It is working for me!

Ruth P.

I have had my NeuroQ supply for about a month now and can definitely see a difference. I have a clearer mind and notice a difference if I miss a dose. Great product- especially those who struggle with brain fog.

Janet H.

I’m on hormone therapy for my past breast cancer last year. My mind wasn’t functioning properly and I experienced a lot of brain fog. Within 30 days of using NeuroQ, I am now able to keep up with my work, my memory has improved, and I can do everything! Amazing product.

Tiffany L.

I just love NeuroQ. My mind is more clear now- no more fogginess. I also noticed that I can remember things I used to easily forget, like names.

Rebecca M.