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    Reverse Cognitive Decline with Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE Protocol™

    If you are seeking a resource to optimize your brain health, the ReCODE Protocol (which stands for REversal of COgnitive DEcline) can help you adapt to several lifestyle changes to aid in reversing your symptoms. 

    It takes both time and a commitment to several lifestyle changes to see results. 

    What Is the ReCODE Protocol?

    Dr. Dale Bredesen developed the ReCODE Protocol to serve as a program for reversing cognitive decline.

    It serves as helpful support for those looking to reverse symptoms and optimize brain health with the Bredesen Protocol.

    Apollo Health offers the ReCODE program, which is a specialized online program for applying an optimized medicine protocol to address cognitive concerns.

    Searching for the primary causes of why conditions develop can allow for more personalized plans and treatment options.

    Clinical trial results showed that 84% of participants experienced an improvement in brain function when contributing factors were identified and treated with personalized protocols.

    Differences Between the ReCODE and PreCODE Protocol™

    Both of these programs are engineered to support the improvement of cognitive wellbeing through pillars of the Bredesen Protocol and unique personalized treatment plans that are based on participant data. 

    You will receive access to lab testing, reports, and a trained PreCODE provider through both of the programs. 

    The software helps compile a thorough, all-inclusive perspective based on health history intake, medical questionnaires, laboratory tests, and cognitive assessments to deliver the best treatment guide tailored for each individual.

    PreCODE Protocol

    PreCODE stands for PREvention of COgnitive DEcline. 

    This is a prevention and brain optimization program is geared towards individuals seeking to prevent cognitive decline. It is helpful for optimizing cognitive function. 

    ReCODE Protocol

    This program strives to help improve the lives of those seeking support for reversing their cognitive decline. 

    During this stage, symptoms are already present and individuals are seeking an intensive program to help improve cognitive health. 

    ReCODE comes with many program benefits that include: 

    • Your personalized ReCODE Report™ recommendations 
    • Free lifetime access to the Cognitive Evaluation, powered by CNS Vital Signs 
    • Access to the practitioner locator tool to help you find Bredesen-certified practitioners, coaches, and nutritionists
    • Simple blood tests and a cognoscopy for a tailored treatment plan
    • BrainHQ brain-training exercises access 
    • A nutrition plan to follow for better brain health
    • Access to helpful recipes, exercise tips and guides, and resources to create your own personalized routine with reminders on the mobile app
    • A personalized supplementation plan
    • Access to exclusive online Town Hall meetings with Dr. Dale Bredesen

    Factors That Affect Cognitive Wellbeing

    Multiple risk factors play a role in our cognitive health. Toxins and infections can reduce support for healthy brain function and negatively affect our cognitive health.

    Bodily Response to Inflammation

    Strive to reduce exposure to bodily risks of inflammation by following a nutrient-dense, whole foods diet.  

    Chronic Infection

    These types of infections can lead to abnormalities that can wreak havoc on the body and can influence the brain. 

    Insulin Resistance

    We can improve our bodily insulin resistance by focusing on consuming foods low in sugar, moderate protein intake, and high in healthy fats.

    Nutrient and Hormonal Deficiencies

    Avoid risk factors for deficiencies by aspiring to eat a balanced diet that is highly nutritious, mildly ketogenic, containing healthy fats, and whole foods-based. 

    When our diets are not balanced, they can lead to nutrient deficiency and potentially cause hormone dysregulation.

    Specific Pathogens

    These microbes can compromise the immune system and cause irregularities to our overall health that need to be noticed and handled.  

    Toxins and Biotoxins

    Levels of exposure to heavy metals (including cadmium, lead, and mercury), organic toxicants, pesticides, and biotoxins from our environment and food consumption can cause severe damage to our bodies.

    Biotoxins are harmful substances created by living organisms such as bacteria, fungi, plants, and animals. 


    Genes play a role in increasing our genetic probabilities of inheriting genes that can affect our cognitive abilities.

    ReCODE Protocol Strategies

    What we do in our everyday habits has long-lasting effects on our overall wellbeing and cognitive health. 

    Committing to lifestyle changes and following prevention and treatment strategies can help you achieve optimal healthy brain function.

    The Bredesen Protocol is a multifunctional approach shown to be effective with lifestyle, dietary, and environmental changes. 

    Healthy Lifestyle Habits

    Practicing healthy habits by following balanced nutritious dietary habits can help improve memory. 

    Dr. Bredesen’s KetoFLEX 12/3 diet helps guide participants towards healthy nutrition for improved cognitive wellbeing.


    Fasting can remove impurities and encourage healthy insulin sensitivity for improved cognitive function. 

    Dr. Bredesen recommends that we should have our last meal at least three hours before bedtime and that we should fast for about twelve hours.

    Nutritious Foods

    Consuming a diet high in healthy fats such as avocado, olive oil, and seeds can create a healthy environment for ketosis. 

    Gut Health

    Make it a habit to consume foods rich in probiotics and prebiotic fibers to encourage a healthy gut response. 

    Protein Sources

    For those under the age of 65, strive to consume about 0.9-1.0 grams per kilogram of 100% pastured lean protein per day.

    Risky Foods

    Reduce consumption of foods that prompt an inflammatory response such as alcohol and foods high in fat or sugar. 


    Aim to exercise multiple times a day to support a healthy lifestyle. 

    Make it a goal to complete at least half an hour of brisk walking four or more times each week. 

    You can also keep active regularly by participating in aerobic exercise and practicing strength training by lifting weights.

    Sleep Hygiene

    Practice a consistent sleep routine and strive to obtain at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. 

    Reduce Stress

    Removing stress can decrease your exposure to other risk factors that can affect your brain health.  

    Brain Exercise

    Keep your brain consistently exercising with some interactive brain games. The BrainHQ mobile app is included with the ReCODE app and is a helpful resource to keep your brain active. 

    The ReCODE program also includes access to BrainHQ—a mobile app containing brain games to support your brain plasticity.

    Research has shown that individuals using BrainHQ experienced improvements in cognitive achievements of four times more than a computer game. 

    This mobile app follows a multimodal brain health approach that provides a healthy challenge for improved learning abilities and elevates your cognitive function. 

    Oral Hygiene

    Ensure you are brushing and flossing daily to maintain optimal oral hygiene. Poor oral health can weaken your immune system and cause it to be harder to digest food. 

    It is important to have a functional digestive system so that we can readily absorb the nutrients from our food properly. Improper oral care can negatively impact the brain because these systems are interrelated. 

    Benefits of the Bredesen Protocol

    With over thirty years of medical expertise, Dr. Dale Bredesen has dedicated his life to preventing and reversing memory loss.

    The ReCODE program has shown successful results that indicate noticeable improvement in both cognitive and metabolic function of individuals.

    Know Your Brain Score before Following the ReCODE Protocol

    Learn what your Cognitive quotient (Cq) score is by taking the evaluation today. Dr. Dale Bredesen developed this assessment as a measure of cognitive performance.

    It is helpful to take this brain test before following the protocol because it helps establish a baseline metric of your current cognitive status. 

    Schedule times in your calendar to come back and revisit the evaluation regularly to keep track of your progress. 

    Take the free Cognitive Evaluation from the comfort of your home today. Complete the assessment to know your brain score.

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